Turmeric and tomato juice dark circles remedy
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Dark Circles Under The Eyes Remedies

Dark Circles Under The Eyes Remedies. We all are beautiful in a sense but unfortunately, we have to meet up the modern criteria of looking presentable and beautiful. However, self-grooming and maintained have become so much difficult to cope with that at the end of the day we come home with stress and lack of sleep.

These terms are commonly used today but actually, they have long term effects that are usually characterized by unhealthy skin, dark circles and dark spots that eventually lead to wrinkles and fine lines.

Most commonly we try to cover up these problems using covering creams and contouring but it’s not a permanents solution to the problems. Improving healthy routine like 8 hours of sleep with a short nap in the midday with a good intake of juices and salads is most recommendable for keeping the healthy skin.

In addition to these changes, there are some home remedies that have more effective results than the super expensive creams and lotions.

In fact, we cannot use lotions, creams, and serums for a longer period of time as they contain steroids that are not good for our skin in long use. On the other side, home remedies have long-lasting and prominent results when used even for a short period of time. However, home remedies have a lighter effect on your wallet as well as on your skin.

Dark Circles Remedy:

So get ready to say bye to the dark circles and have your beautiful eyes back. Dark circles make you look sick and older than your age. In this mask ingredients used are very simple and can be easily made just in few minutes. In fact, the application is easy and without any mess.

Turmeric powder:

It’s a powerful agent which is helpful in cleansing and exfoliating the dead skin cells. However, it also erases the discoloration and makes the skin tone lighter thus help in the reduction of dark circles.

Tomato Juice:

Cucumber and tomato juice contain similar chemical composition and is useful in treating the dark circles. Tomato juice makes you get rid of eyes puffiness and hydrates the area including lightening the skin tone.

Ingredients needed:

  • Turmeric powder                                       2 tablespoon
  • Tomato juice                                              to make a paste
  • Almond oil                                                 few drops

How to make:

  • Take a small bowl and add turmeric powder in it.
  • Now add few drops of tomato juice and stir.
  • Continue adding tomato juice until it forms a thick paste.
  • Now add few drops of almond oil in the paste and stir.
  • Your mask is ready to use.
  • Always make a fresh mask just before application.

How to apply:

  • Apply the mask with brush or fingers on the eyes, upper lid and underneath the eyes.
  • Avoid getting the paste into the eyes as it may cause itching or redness.
  • Now wait for 20 30 minutes and then rinse with cold water.
  • Lastly, pat dries using a soft towel and apply some serum or just a few drops of coconut oil.


  • Always use fresh paste for application.
  • Do not use opened turmeric powder and make sure to have fully organic turmeric without any additives.
  • Almond oil is carrier oil you can add olive or coconut oil as a replacement.
  • Use cucumber slices to reduce the puffiness and tired-looking eyes.
  • Improve sleeping patterns and avoid fatty foods that have excessive oils.


Turmeric and tomato juice dark circles remedy