Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs
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Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs


Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs. Nowadays we are going through stress that may cause certain health conditions. In the modern world living a stress-free life is almost next to impossible but one can be well informed about his health before any kind of emergency. In fact, we have all stress and unhealthy factors around us from environmental pollution to the food that we on our dining table everything in some way either unhealthy or inorganic. Consequently, some health conditions like heart stroke, hypertension, high blood sugar, hyper, and hypothyroid disorders are just common health issues now.

A Month before a Heart Attack, Your Body Gives You a Warning -These Are the 6 Signs.

Basically, the culprit is the neglecting of the serious symptoms or taking everything casually. In spite of all these factors routine medical checkups and making certain healthy changes in lifestyle can do a lot. Simply add 30 minutes for a brisk walk, avoiding the high level of fats, and adding raw vegetables and fruits in the diet by replacing them with junk and preserved food.

However, be alert about your internal condition by observing some alarming signs .here in this article I am going to share with you some alarming signs that are a point of concern for you about your heart health.

  1. Shortness of breath:

The heart is the most vital part has an effect on every other part of our body. Basically, heart pumps blood into the lungs and then lungs oxygenate the deoxygenated blood. When the heart is unable to pump blood with an adequate amount of blood to the lungs you may suffer from short breathiness. Therefore this is the very early sign of having lower heart activity and later may result in cardiac arrest. However occasional short breathe is no point of concern but if you are suffering from the condition without any reason then it’s a point of concern and doctor’s visit is recommended.

  1. Cold and flu symptoms:

Prior to the major cardiac attack, one might suffer from cold and flu symptoms. Therefore if you notice some other heart symptoms along with common flu and cold symptoms then must rush to the ER as soon as possible.

  1. Chest pressure:

In spite of being obvious symptoms of a heart problem, one may consider chest pressure as a normal gastric issue. However, it’s a point of concern and quite dangerous symptoms one shouldn’t ignore. The heart pumps the blood and thus if there is some problem with the heart muscles then you will feel pressure or weight on the chest muscles. At this point, one shouldn’t wait further and directly concern cardiologist in an emergency.

  1. Weakness:

As mentioned earlier that heart pumps blood to all muscles in our body.Consequently when the heart becomes weaker and couldn’t pump blood with adequate pressure that results in lower blood supply to the overall body. In short, muscles can’t get the energy to burn and work properly, therefore, results in feeling weakness and dullness. Whenever this symptom is accompanied with any other similar symptoms you must concern your doctor and don’t ignore the situation as normal fatigue.

  1. Cold sweats and dizziness:

Another major symptom and the alarming situation is having cold sweats and occasional dizziness. Actually, our brain is not getting the right amount of oxygen from the blood because the heart is unable to pump blood forcefully into the brain. Therefore it affects the brain cell activity and causes a feeling of dizziness and one might feel sleepy more often. Once in a while might not be a point of concern but if you are having this situation several times then must inform your consultant about the situation.

  1. Fatigue:

Similar to other 5 symptoms this is also because of the inadequate amount of blood supply to the body muscles. However, fatigue after a restless day or after hard work is normal but feeling fatigued and unable to tackle the usual course is something to worry about. Most specifically when you are facing the fatigue with other symptoms then it’s not something casual and you must inform your cardiologist about it and have EEG as soon as possible.

Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs
Heart Attack Symptoms Warning Signs