DIY Intensive Eye Cream
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DIY Intensive Eye Cream

DIY Intensive Eye Cream. Commonly it’s said that eyes can’t hide the truth and usually people get caught on lying. Similarly its almost the same for the situation otherwise if you are tired depressed or sick your eyes will surely show it. Usually, puffiness and saggy eyes after a long tiring day is a common problem nowadays.

Although it’s said those 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for an adult is necessary but it’s almost impossible for many of us. In fact, for mother of 2 or 3, it’s something next to impossible. Whatever the reason for lack of sleep is but it results in constricted eyes and makes you look much older than your age.

In short, eyes are the most prominent feature of our face and one can’t always cover it with makeup and creams and need extra care to look beautiful. Therefore most of the cosmetically uses are neither helpful nor effective in this case. Anyhow the best option is changed in the diet and routine with some effective home remedies.

I am going to share with you the most effective homemade eye cream that will magically make your eyes look bright and beautiful.

Most ingredients used in this recipe are easily available in the market or at the comfort of your home. Make sure to buy organic and genuine products before making this cream as it might be a little bit expensive but it runs for a longer term than any other eye creams.


  • Shea butter                                                               2 tablespoon
  • Coconut oil                                                               1 tablespoon
  • Beeswax                                                                   1 teaspoon
  • Rosehip oil                                                                1 ½ teaspoon
  • Geranium essential oil                                           4 drops

How to make:

  • Add Shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil in microwave ware and set the timer for 20 seconds.
  • Once both of the ingredients melt and mixed up homogenously then add this mixture to a glass jar with wide open mouth.
  • Now add essential oils in the jar and stir with a fine stick
  • Alternatively, instead of using microwave heat you can also put the mixture in the double lid steamer and let the ingredients melt in the water pot.
  • Make sure that no water or steam get into the cream as it will rotten the shea butter and will cause fungus production.
  • Your eyes cream is ready to be used.
  • It can’t be stored for more than a month as microbes might grow in the cream.

How to apply:

  1. Before going to bed wash your face thoroughly with a mild soap or face wash.
  2. Now pat dry the face and make sure no makeup remains on or under the eyes.
  3. Now apply the cream on the eyes and massage lightly with gentle fingers.
  4. Leave it overnight and wash in the morning with slightly warm water.
  5. Do not use this cream in the exposure on sunlight as it may cause sunburns.
  6. However, all ingredients are safe to use but to avoid any risk of damage tries on a small patch of your skin.
  7. Never use cheap and expired essential oils. Make sure to buy genuine and organic essential oils as it’s going to be used on the most sensitive part of the face.
DIY Intensive Eye Cream
DIY Intensive Eye Cream