DIY Face Brightening Mask with Rice Flour and Honey
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Face Brightening Mask DIY

DIY Face Brightening Mask. DIY is the best option either for treating diseases or in-home keeping. The easy, short and cheapest solution to any kind of problem. It was an ancient practice to use original and organic products to herbs to enhance the beauty and for self-grooming.

Nowadays well-groomed personality is not only admirable but it’s also one of the most required qualities to have professional growth. Commonly it’s said that the first impression is the last impression but it’s now true for your professional career.

Self-care and keeping personality is one of the most essential habits to look young and beautiful. However, parlor and salon sessions are not affordable for all of us and neither buying those super expensive creams and scrubs is also beyond the limit. In short home remedies and DIY treatments are the best option to use continuously as a part of daily routine.

Here I am going to share with you a very effective scrub recipe that has many benefits and all ingredients are just in your kitchen cabinet. In fact, its cheap as well as without any side effects or allergies. In addition, it can be used by any kind of skin without getting any reaction.

Moreover, its one of the best exfoliates and cleanser which does not let your skin dry and keep the natural moisturizer. You will get your natural glow just after the first use of this mask in no time so don’t be embarrassed anymore about not getting the spa treatments and just get the following ingredients out of your pantry.

DIY face brightening:

This mask has simple ingredients with lots of benefits which I will mention now under each heading.

Rice Flour:

Rice flour is easily available in the market or even you can prepare it at home using blender machines and rice. Rice contains some specific acids that act as the best natural sunscreen and protect the skin from UV rays.

However, it also improves the absorption of vitamin C in the skin and acts as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition to these properties, small granules in the flour make it the best natural scrubber that exfoliates the dirt and cleanses the pores.


Honey is the best hydrating and moisturizing agent that makes your skin baby soft and helps in repairing the damaged cells. In fact, bleaching quality and lightening property make your skin glow. Therefore being great stain remover and acne scars the ingredient is very helpful in keeping your skin spotless.

That’s all you need to make the mask so now bring the ingredients and see the difference.

How to make:

  • Add 2-3 tablespoon of rice flour in a bowl.
  • Add honey gradually and make a smooth paste.
  • You can manage the consistency by keeping the ration of rice flour and honey incoherence.

How to apply:

  • Simply apply this mask on the face using a brush or fingers.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes until becomes dried.
  • Now with gentle fingers massage in a circular motion and maintain the pressure according to sensitive zones.
  • Now clean the mask using a soft wet cotton cloth or cotton balls.
  • Then wash with cold water and use a mild moisturizer to soothe your skin
  • As  a simple moisturizer, you can use

DIY Face Brightening Mask with Rice Flour and Honey