Posture Correction Exercises
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5 Posture Correction Exercises

Posture Correction Exercises. Our body has a unique design and each part produces weight on our center of gravity. No matter you are tall or short with broad shoulder or long legs anyhow it balances on the center of gravity. However, the only thing that affects your joints and bones healthy is your posture while walking sitting and laying.

Therefore it’s very important to keep yourself in a good posture all day long and even during sleep hours. A minor change in posture that disturbs the weight distribution on the center of gravity causes serious health and bone issues.

It’s very important to be careful about the posture and do not neglect it at any cost as it can also cause damage to the neurological systems and mental health. People who do not take this matter seriously always complaints about back pain and early fatigue.

Here are a few home practices that you can apply on yourself to improve your overall posture and it will help you in keeping the pains and problems at distant.

Exercises To Reverse Bad Posture

Chin tuck:

fix posture this trick can help you maintain the head posture as it will strengthen the neck muscles. You can practice this act anytime on a daily basis. Simply Look straight and press two fingers on chin and tuck your chin. Now slightly move your head back as much as you can and hold for 3-5 seconds. Keep repeating this action 10 times daily. In fact, you can do this while sitting in the car as your head will get required support and it will be performed perfectly.

Wall angel:

Stand with wall support so all your back and hips touch the wall. You have to keep some inches distant from the wall so you can have a straight position. Now lift your arms up and make a W shaped with wall and hold the posture for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 8-10 times according to your needs.

Doorway stretch:

Stand on the doorway and raise your upper arms parallel to floor and point fingers to the ceiling. Support with another hand with a door frame. Now gradually lean forward and push the door frame then relax. Repeat this pressure and relax conditions.

Hip flexor stretch:

This exercise targets the pelvis and hip bones. You will need a yoga mat or soft cushion on the floor. Place your knees on the floor. Now lift right knee and place you’re both hands on it and let the left knee bear the lower body weight. Keep your left leg down on the floor. While doing this exercise makes sure you feel pressure and flexibility at hip muscles.

The X move:

You will need a stretch band to perform this posture fixture exercise. it will be very helpful in strengthening your back muscles and shoulder blades.

Sit on the floor mat and extend your legs forward. Now twist the stretch band in the toes of both feet in such a way that it makes X shape.

Now hold both ends in your hands and stretch your legs as much as you can.

Posture Correction Exercises