How To Get Rid of Dark Spots
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How To Get Rid of Dark Spots

How To Get Rid of Dark Spots. An instant way of getting rid of dark spots and dark circles is the use of cucumber slices over the affected area. However, eating cucumber is also very healthy for the skin and also brings freshness to your skin. Cucumber has a high quantity of water and hydrates one without any damage. In addition, it also provides essential fibers that help in getting toxic out of the body.

Potato cucumber ice cubes for dark spots. Similarly, potato contains stain-removing property and is occasionally used even for removing stubborn stains from the walls and clothes. Therefore keeping in mind both of the properties of the cucumber and potato I have come up with a magical formula that will fade away the marks and leave your skin fresh and healthy.

Get Rid of Dark Spots

Potato Remove Dark Spots
Potato Remove Dark Spots

Usually, when we use cosmetics on the face it causes many reactions and using harsh makeup remover to remove the cosmetics is also damaging to skin cells. Therefore using this remedy on and off is very helpful in avoiding the damage caused as a result of using creams.

Besides the above-mentioned factors another major reason is the lack of moisture which might be because of an inadequate amount of water intake and also because of too much exposure of sunlight. In short leave, your skin damaged and patched with dark spots.

Another leading cause of dark circles is insomnia and restlessness which can make your face look dull and shaded. Therefore this remedy relaxes the muscles as well as act as relaxant which help you sleep sound and safe.

Things needed:

  • Potato                                        1 small-medium
  • Cucumber                                  1 small thin
  • Lemon juice                              2 tablespoon
  • Ice cube tray

How to make:

  • Use a peeler and peel off the potato skin.
  • Using a grater, grate the potatoes and then add in the blender mixer to make a fine paste.
  • Add cucumber in the grinder jug and make a thin slushy paste.
  • Add lemon juice and Transfer it to the empty ice cube tray.
  • Now refrigerate it in the freezer for at least 5-6 hours or until it hardens.

How to apply:

  • Simply pop out the cube when needed and rub on the affected area.
  • Especially after makeup removal, this massage is relaxing and soothing and also reduces the side effects of the makeup.
  • After exposure to sunlight and sunbathe you must apply this for avoiding sunburn.
  • Use each ice cubes once and then dispose of if remaining in hand never reuse the leftover cubes as it contains germs.
  • Usually, this remedy does not cause any damage however safe side one must try on the patch to make sure that it does not develop any reaction.
  • Potato used in the remedy is very helpful in lightening the shades and thus make your skin tone brighter and glowing.
  • Do not store the cubes for more than 1 week as the potato used in the recipes might lose the properties.
  • Never use rotten and damaged veggies as it has bacteria growing which might cause serious infections and fungus.
  • Wash the veggies before grating and blending.
How To Get Rid of Dark Spots
How To Get Rid of Dark Spots