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Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills You Need To Be Aware of. Likewise, any other medicines are taken for a prolonged period of birth control pills also have some risky side effects. However, it’s not the same for everyone as we have different gene structures as well as we go through different medical health issues. Therefore it’s recommended to consult a doctor and have medical checkups occasionally if you are taking on birth control pills. Although the necessity is undeniable one must be aware of risky side effects of birth control pills.

Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills
Side Effects Of Birth Control Pills

Short Term Side Effects of Birth Control Pills:

We have some side effects that are short term and may be controlled just by stopping the use of pills. Therefore one must be aware of these symptoms which include:

  1. Mood Swings
  2. Nausea
  3. Headaches
  4. Weight gain
  5. Spotting
  6. Bleeding between periods
  7. Breast Tenderness

Usually, all these symptoms are caused because of artificial progesterone and estrogens. These hormones change the uterus wall lining and thus reduce the chances of conceiving to least. However, the intensity of the above-mentioned symptoms is variable in an individual. In fact, you may suffer few or all of them. Some may observe within a few days of usage and some may develop after a few times.

Long Term Side Effects of Birth Control Pills:

Usually, short term side effects are not serious and don’t cause any damage to it. But long term use causes some serious side effects which I am going to share now:

  1. Cancer:

As we know artificial hormones are induced by birth control pills and thus may cause cervical and breast cancer. Other than these it may also cause ovarian and endometrial cancers. Therefore should not be prolonged and taken when necessary. However the researchers are still finding the exact cause but still, it’s expected that reduced ovulation may be the reason for breast cancer.

  1. Blood Clots:

Anyhow God has created a natural cycle which is perfect for each gender so is the menstrual cycle for females. Therefore when the cycle is disturbed for long period it causes harm and damage to our body. Blood clot development is another side effect which might be very dangerous if get into heart blood vessels or in the brain. In fact, people who smoke while being on pills are more likely to be at risk of brain hemorrhage and heart strokes. Therefore one must have gone through overall medical examination before going to start up on pills. On another hand, these people are recommended IU D treatment to control birth.


One must keep prone and cones of using birth control pill as if you are already at a risk factor of developing this mortal disease than you must find alternative ways. However, if you are a lucky one who is not going through such chronic issues or has no medical family history than you can enjoy the favors provided by these medicines. But make sure you are well informed of the pill and the chemical composition of the medicine you are advised. Consult you ob-gyn or health provider if you found any uncommon symptoms.